Success Story of Women Self Help Group (SHG) under the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region

IAS Prelims 2023

Denlang SHG was formed at H MAKHAO Village in 2014 help of North Eastern Region Community Resource Management Project(NERCORMP) through ‘Sahei Foundation. there are 15 members including President, Secretary and Treasurer in Denlang SHG. SHG Meeting  hold twice in a month where each member contribution is a sum of Rs.40/- only and in each month they contribution  Rs.80.  Since its inception the SHG good progressing  without any constrains.  Apart from earning income, many activities like maintaining cleanliness and medical treatment facilities are being conducted through this self-help group in the village by putting small dustbins.

Denlang SHG at H MAKHAO Village

Some of the group income generating activity which was done in the previous years was Mushroom culture, cultivating leafy vegetables, weaving, and poultry. These activities were voluntarily initiated by the SHG after resolution were passed in meeting, the income generating activity profit goes in their group account, which mean the group activity were meant to benefit individuals through their group. They clearly understood that all these savings were meant for them.

Denlang SHG was formed with Zero balance in 2014 but as they progress, in 2021 they have more than Rs2.50 lakhs only as their corpus fund. These amounts were used as revolving fund among the members at 2 percent rate of interest. The revolving fund benefits in economic upliftment, opening of small/ mediumbusiness enterprises and as a security in times of shocks and emergency.

Denlang SHG members operating Feed Block Machine

  • Mrs Nengneivah a SHG member, who took loan from SHG in 2015. She took Rs. 4000/- only and uses the money for starting small poultry business, her husband doesn’t have a permanent work to support the family but now both of them work together and became successful. They also expanded their business and become financially more independent than before, with those profits she manages the family needs and start piggery and now she has 4 pigs which can be sold at a good price.
  • Mrs Lamneikim, 30 years who is a member of the SHG, in 2016 her child became severely sick. She didn’t have any money to treat her child, so she took an amount of Rs. 20,000/- only from the SHG and used the money for treating her child. The child was given treatment and after few days, the child regains his health. After 3 months she repays the money to the SHG.
  • Mrs Nemkhokim, a member of the SHG, and her husband were engaged in manual labour at various construction site. But the manual labour work hardly provided any social security to her family. In the year 2015, she took loan from the SHG and invested them towards buying the raw materials for weaving.The weaving turned out to be a profit makingactivity. Moreover she took a loanagain and ventured out in dairy business.Within a span of two years, she was able to expand her business and the livestock has become a valuable asset for them. Her husband is also participating in the business.
  • She took a further loan with which they started a ginger plantation. At the end of the season they sold the harvest at a good profit. It has enabled them to gain greater financial independent through the loan provided by SHGs.

The SHG functions as a valuable bank that supports the customers to promote their daily income based activity. At individual level, the members used the money without any hesitation and initiate ventures that could benefit them. Moreover, at the low interest of 2 per cent, they could repay the loan.  The rules and regulation were properly followed in distribution, allocation, interest, repayment and disbursement of money.

Apart from financial needs and economic support SHG also provides more rigid social bonding among the members by sharing their problems and helping each other in times of need. The SHG becomes an assets for the village in supporting the existing institutions like the Church, village authority, NaRM-G, A member of the SHG added that their status were more independent as their husbands wouldn’t give any complaint in meetings and activity which they are engaged in instead they gives us support when we are too busy with their household work.



    Source PIB