Sugar Production During Current Season

IAS Prelims 2023

During the current Sugar Season 2016-17, the sugar mills of the country have commenced the crushing operation smoothly and  have produced about 66 Lakh MT of sugar so far.

The sugar production is expected to be about 22.5 million MT by the end of the season. With a carryover stock of 7.71 million MT, the total availability of sugar is sufficient to meet the estimated domestic requirement of about 25 mMT.

The stock position at the close of the current sugar season (Sept. 2017) is likely to be 5.21 mMT which will be carried forward for the next sugar season 2017-18.

Further, the sugar production in the next sugar season (2017-18) is expected to be good and is likely to start early and therefore there will be no shortage of domestically produced sugar in India.

By November 2017, another 2 mMT would be available from early crushing. The government has taken necessary steps to maintain sufficient stocks in the country and keep the sugar prices under control.