TRAI releases Consultation Paper on “ Regulation on Rating Framework for Digital Connectivity in Buildings or Areas”

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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), today released a Consultation Paper on “Regulation on Rating Framework for Digital Connectivity in Buildings or Areas”.    

Digital connectivity has become integral part of personal, professional, and social life. The exponential growth in digitalization of services and manufacturing sectors has revolutionized the world impacting everything, from economy, innovation, science, and education, to health, sustainability, governance, and lifestyle. The demand for digital connectivity has increased many folds in the recent years. The crucial role of digital connectivity has been acknowledged  pandemic, witnessing a surge in the demand across all segments of users, irrespective of their locations.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has been monitoring the quality of service of telecom services across the country by conducting detailed studies and issuing suitable directions to the stakeholders, to improve the quality of service. While there have been significant improvements in coverage of telecom services on the street, there are still gaps observed in meeting the perceived quality of service demands of the users, especially inside the buildings/ residential or commercial areas.

The quality of telecommunication services inside the buildings is an integral part of protection of the consumer interest. TRAI has already taken various policy initiatives including the Recommendation dated 20th February 2023 on “Rating of Buildings or Areas for Digital Connectivity”. These recommendations provide for introduction of Rating of Buildings framework to ensure good digital connectivity experience to the consumers through a collaborative and self-sustainable approach.

To create a regulatory framework TRAI, in its observations and analysis  has stated  that, “…TRAI would come up with appropriate regulatory framework for Rating of Buildings…”

The Consultation Paper on “Regulation on Rating Framework for Digital Connectivity in Buildings or Areas” is released to deliberate on regulation for implementation of rating framework for buildings and areas for digital connectivity to improve QoS inside buildings and for seamless consumer experience.

The paper highlights the need for  Rating  of Buildings or Areas for Digital Connectivity that meets not only the current expectations of the consumers but  is also ready for future  expansion or upgradation with the advancement of technologies or change in users’ demand. This CP also discusses the benefits of the rating framework to the end-users, service providers and to the ecosystem.

The consultation paper  describes overview of the ‘Rating framework for Digital Connectivity’ based on the practices being followed internationally and rating frameworks like GRIHA or Credit Rating in India.

Based on above analysis Consultation paper provides a draft Regulation for implementation of Rating Framework for Digital Connectivity.

The Consultation Paper on “Regulation on Rating Framework for Digital Connectivity in Buildings or Areas”, along with draft regulations have been placed on TRAI’s website, seeking inputs from the stakeholders and telecom consumers. Written comments on the issues raised in the Consultation Paper are invited from the stakeholders by  10th November 2023 and counter-comments, if any  24th  November 2023.

The comments and counter-comments may be sent, preferably in the electronic form to, Shri Tejpal Singh, Advisor (QoS-I), Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, on email: For any clarification/information, Shri Tejpal Singh, Advisor (QoS-I) may be contacted at Tel. No: +91-11-2323-6516.



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