45th Regional Level Dak Adalat on 28.09.2020 at 11:00 – Goa


Postal Services form an integral part of the socio economic life of the country, touching the lives of virtually every citizen.  While the Department of Posts strives its best to render the service to the fullest satisfaction of its customers, communication gaps and service faults do occasionally happen, giving rise to grievances and complaints.  In order to redress such grievances/complaints in an effective manner, the Department periodically organizes Adalats where the functionaries of the Department meet the aggrieved customers, gather details about their complaints and try to settle them at the earliest.

The Postmaster General, Goa Region, Panaji 403001 will be holding the 45th Regional Level Dak Adalat on 28.09.2020 at 11:00 Hrs in the Office of the Postmaster General, Goa Region, Panaji 403001.

Complaints/Grievances regarding Postal Services pertaining to the Goa Region, which have not been settled within 6 weeks will be entertained in the Dak Adalat. The complaints relating to Mails, Speed Post, Counter Services, Savings Banks and non-payment of money orders will be considered. Complaint raised should contain details like the dates, names and designations of the officers to whom original complaint was addressed etc. Interested customers may send their complaint regarding postal services in duplicate to Shri K.Balaraju, Secretary, Dak Adalat & Asstt Director Postal Services, O/o Postmaster General, Goa Region, Panaji 403001.  Last date for receipt of complaint is 18.09.2020



    Source PIB