Pune 30 thNovember:

Department of Telecommunications (DoT) on 27.05.2021, for 5G testing in Pune, allotted license and spectrum to Vodafone Idea Limited in Pune (for urban) and Chakan (for rural) with Ericsson as technology partner and  Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. in Pune (urban) with Nokia as technology partner.

On 25.11.2021, the steering committee of MH LSA (Maharashtra unit of Department of Telecommunications), DoT for 5G, comprising of Shri Vishwanath Kendurkar, ITS, MH LSA Head, Shri Jaykumar N Thorat Director, Shri Vinay Jambhali Director and Shri Badawath Naresh Assistant Divisional Engineer, visited the demonstration site at Ramee Grand Hotel, Pune.

As mentioned above, DoT has allocated 26 GHz and 3.5 GHz spectrum in the mmWave band, for 5G network trials and use cases.During demonstration DoT team was found that VIL has achieved peak speeds in excess of 1.2 Gbps on 3.5 GHz, around 4.2 Gbps on 26 GHz.

Following few useful cases from varioustechnology partners like Ericsson and Nokia, along with ecosystem players and Indian start-ups including L&T Smart World & Communication, Athonet, Vizzbee & Tweek Labs) were demonstrated and evaluated  to the MH LSA, DoT team:

  1. Remote Diagnosis: Healthcare in remote parts of the country is very important.With the high data speed, low latency  in millisecond and reliability of 5G, a doctor located in an urban center / hospital  locally or globally  can actually carry out an ultrasound scan on a patient who is in a remote rural location. The doctor moves the joystick and the rural health supervisor gets movement instructions in the specialized Haptic  gloves to move the ultrasound scanner in specific directions. Finally the diagnosis and instructions are passed on by the Doctor as proper prescription.This showcases the power of 5G to reach healthcare to remote parts of the country. This is very important for countries like India with a very poor Doctor to patient ratio.
  2. Smart Construction: A digital twin of an under-construction tunnel has been created with 4K HD cameras placed at locations inside the construction sites and integrated with the digital twin. This is then used for training of staff, monitoring of operations and remote supervision & expert guidance to personnel at site by remote teams.A digital twin is a virtual representation of a real-world entity or system which acts as a mirror to provide a means to simulate, predict, forecast behaviour, and possibly control the real-world entity where applicable. Thus the site supervisors can be expertly guided by remote location experts with virtual online environment and instructions
  3. Connected  and Monitored worker: A smart work place to improve worker productivity, meet health compliances and regularity requirements, quicker emergency response and safe working conditions is possible due to 5G technology. Facemask compliance, track people movement to keep out of no-go zones, counting people therefore preventing overcrowding is easily achievable. Video stream from multiple cameras installed on strategic locations in an office will be provided to a video analytics server.Real-time AI will identify human movement for health and safety compliance. This will identify compliance to using masks, helmets, machinery movements, zone restrictions, etc.
  4. Public safety: This demonstrate how 4K HD video cameras streaming through 5G network and integrated with a real time analytics platform and AI capabilities can help improve public safety in our cities. For example ladies safety in particular areas in night time, dropping of suspect baggage in public places etc… can be remotely monitored and alerted with AI technology. This is part of the L&T Smart City Project which will benefit by faster 5G technology and  help maintain the  security environment of the city in an efficient manner.
  5. Smart and connected health (Full Ambulance connectivity) : The 5G smart and connected health demonstrated on an ambulance showcases how to utilize the “GOLDEN HOUR” to commence diagnosis, get expert views and infrastructure ready at hospital for emergency procedures while the patient is  rushed en-route to hospital in an emergency. The technology enables the paramedic in the ambulance to establish video connect with the emergency doctor at the hospital.  An online ECG from Ambulance was monitored at Central location in the hospital as the patient was travelling towards it. The doctor can study  all the body vitals and instruct the paramedic about the first aid or guide the ambulance to another medical facility, if required.This enables Emergency treatment in the Golden hour to save the life of a critical patient.
  6. Driver Monitoring System: This use case monitors driver’s alertness – whether he is sleepy, drowsy etc.. and  condition in near real time basis using Face detection and AI analysis. The video feed enabling a command center personnel to deliver safety instruction / alarms or bring in intervention directly to the driver to avert an accident or unwanted safety incident. With 5G it is possible for automotive OEMs to design such features and for consumers to access this cutting-edge technology inside passenger and commercial vehicles.
  7. OTT Infotainment on the Go: In this use case, the rear seat car experience gets a new fillip with 5G now enabling HD content streaming inside the car. It could be gaming, streaming of your favourite OTT content, sport feed etc.
  8. Aerial Traffic Management (UTM) for Drones etc..: This use case demonstrates the public safety and law enforcement applications for ground personnel and medical delivery and search and rescue operation using drones which are controlled through the 5G network and also provide HD videos also on the 5G network.
  9. Full body motion capture system solutions:The athletic performance is monitored via IMU and special sensors strapped onto forearm, thighs, legs etc..  In the demonstrated case this gives alignment of the cricket fast bowler and suggests improvements. A cricket coaching center can monitor and suggest improvement to many aspiring  bowlers on continuous basis at a time. Experts can also analyse and guide remotely. With data streamed over the 5G network it creates a self-contained system that transmits data to the cloud for analytics and gives long term improvement.


Source –MHDoT/MI

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