Boys Sports Company, RVC Centre and college, Meerut Cantt is a joint venture between Sports Authority of India and Indian Army with a provision to select and groom potential talent in Equestrian discipline to improve and achieve our medal prospectus in future international sports competitions.

2.         Boys Sports Company, RVC Centre and College, Meerut will be conducting a selection rally for Induction of raw and proven players as Sports Cadets from all over India for induction into Boys Sports Coy in Equestrian Discipline at RVC Centre and College, Meerut Cantt from 08 Feb 2022 to 12 Feb 2022.

3.         During the selection trials, the candidates will be tested in physical & technical skills in the sports (Equestrian) discipline by Army Sports Medicine Centre, Sports Authority of India Coaches / Observer and Board of Officers. The selection will remain provisional, unit approved by IHQ of MoD(Army), DCOAS (IS & C) Sectt, BSCC / Sports Authority of India. The selected cadets will be called up to join Boys Sports Coy, after final approval is received.

4.         Reporting Time for Registration :-


            (a)       Venue                        –           RVC Centre and College, Meerut Cantt

            (b)       Date                            –           08 Feb 2022

            (c)        Time                           –           0700hrs to 1000hrs


            The entry will be closed at 1000hrs on 08 Feb 2022.

5.         Eligibility.


(a)       Age.    Candidates will be in age group of 08 yrs to 14 yrs (Boys born between 08 Feb 2008 and 08 Feb 2014 inclusive of both dates).  (Boys at the age of 15-16 yrs with outstanding achievements in National / International competition in Equestrian sports will also be considered).


6.         Education.    Minimum class 4th standard pass and with adequate knowledge of   English and Hindi. Max Class 7th standard pass.


7.         Height & Weight :- The below mentioned height and weight criteria is applicable for BSC enrolment: –




Age Group

Height (Min)

Weight (Min)


08 Yrs

134 cm

29 Kg


09 Yrs

139 cm

31 Kg


10 Yrs

143 cm

34 Kg


11 Yrs

150 cm

37 Kg


12 Yrs

153 cm

40 Kg


13 Yrs

155 cm

42 Kg


14 Yrs

160 cm

47 Kg


Note.  No deviation will normally be accepted. However, the age criteria max upto 16 yrs, above height and weight criteria are flexible in case of exceptionally talented boys whoever having International and National certificate of medals.


8.         Medical Fitness:-   


(a)       Will be ascertained by Regiment Medical Officer and specialist of Sports Medicine Centre.


(b)       Candidates bearing any type of PERMAMENT TATTOO on any part of their body will NOT  be selected.


(c)        X-Ray of the wrist will be conducted for age verification in doubtful case (Bone Marrow Test).


9.         Documents:-  


(a)       The candidates with his parent / guardian should report to RVC Centre and College, Meerut Cantt before 0700hrs on the given date and must be in possession of following ORIGINAL documents which will be scrutinized  at the time of selection trials. Minimum TWO photocopies of these certificates will be carried and ONE CTC  of all cert to be deposited with the application form:-


(a)       Birth Certificate issued Municipal Corporation/Registrar of  Births and Deaths.


            (b)       Aadhar Card.


            (c)        Residential and Domicile Certificate issued by Tehsildar / SDM / DM.


            (d)       School Certificate / Marks Sheet in Original.



(e)       Character Certificate in original from Gram Pradhan / Tehsildar / SDM.


(f)        Caste Certificate issued by Tehsildar / SDM / DM.


(g)       Certificates pertaining to achievements in Equestrian sports, if any. Candidates who have won medals at International/National/Army/State/District level will be considered for selection.


(h)       10 latest colour passport size photographs.


(j)         Riding Kit for undergoing Equestrian sports aptitude test.


10.       Boarding and Lodging during the period of Induction Rally.        Candidates are required to appear in the selection trials at their own expenses. During the period of screening, candidates and persons accompany them should make own arrangements for their stay and transportation at Meerut. This Company will not be responsible for boarding and lodging. No parents will be permitted at the venue to accompany the candidates, during the whole process of induction rally.


11.       Medical Aid.             Immediate medial aid will be available at the venue. However, RVC Centre and College do not hold any responsibility for any injury incurred by the individual during the course of trials/tests.


12.       Selection.  A dedicated staff of SAI, SMC and Boys Sports Company will conduct the trials / induction in a total transparent environment. Parents / guardians are advised not to interfere in the selection procedure. Any query will be addressed by the selection team only. Interested candidates are requested to report to Presiding Officer, Selection Trials, Boys Sports Company, RVC Centre and College, Meerut at 0700hrs (AM) on 08 Feb 2022. The entry will be closed at 1000hrs on 08 Feb 2022.


13.       The entries / selection procedure is likely to be spread over for three days. The selection will be in different progressive stages. Candidates who are found not suitable at any stage will be rejected and he will not be permitted to participate in subsequent stages of selection trials.


14.       Medal winners at State/Army/National/International level candidates will have priority over other candidates due to limited vacancies.


15.       Selected candidates will be provided academic training from VI to X std, free of cost in English/Hindi Medium in Boys Sports Company, RVC Centre and College, Meerut Cantt. Intensive coaching in Equestrian (Horse Riding) discipline will be provided. On attaining class-X, the candidates will be put through final selection process as applicable in Army for enrollment into Army. On completion of X-Std and age of 17 yrs and 06 months, it is mandatory for the sports cadets to undergo the selection process as applicable for enrolment into the Army and get enrolled in RVC (Army).


16.       In case of failure to be enrolled into Army for any reason, parents of affected boys will be liable to reimburse the cost of expenditure incurred by the Government on such boys. Parents of selected boys will be required to given an “Undertaking” on a      Rs 100/- (Rupees hundred only) Non judicial stamp paper to this effect prior to induction into Boys Sports Company, RVC Centre and College, Meerut.

17.       Boys who are selected but subsequently disqualified due to concealed facts/wrong information / not showing progress or indiscipline will be rejected and cost of training will have to be reimbursed to Government treasury by the parents/guardians.


18.       RVC Centre and College or any other conducting the selection trials will not be responsible for any injury occurring to the candidate during the course of selection trial.


19.       COVID-19 Precautionary Measures.  All candidates will be carrying mask and gloves and produce a RT-PCR/Rapid Antigen Negative Certificate and No Risk Certificate (As per Sample Format attached as Appendix) when they report for the rally.


20.       Selected boys will be intimated to join Boys Sports Company, RVC Centre and College (Meerut) after due approval from IHQ of MoD (Army), DCOAS (IS & C) Sectt, BSCC and SAI. Exact date and joining instruction will be intimated later, on completion of board proceedings or as and when vacancy arises.




For further details contact :-           Officer Commanding,

Boys Sports Company

            RVC Center and College,

            Meerut Cantt – 250001

Uttar Pradesh




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