Anti-Dumping Duty on Chinese Glass Fibre

IAS Prelims 2023

The Finance Ministry has imposed anti-dumping duty on certain ‘glass fibre’ imports from China.

This anti-dumping duty — which will be a percentage of cost-insurance-freight (CIF) value of imports — will be applicable for five years.

The percentage of anti-dumping duty levied ranged from 20.46 per cent to 47.15 per cent ( percentage of CIF value) depending on the producer.

For the purpose of this levy, glass fibre would include glass roving, direct rovings, glass chopped strands and glass chopped strand marts.

It however specifically excludes glass wool, fibre glass wool, fibre glass insulation in wool form, glass yarn, glass woven fabrics, glass fibre fabric, glass woven rovings, chopped strands meant for thermoplastic applications, micro glass fibre used in battery separator and cemfil (alkali resistant glass fibre for concrete reinforcement).