Automotive Mission Plan 2016-26

The Department of Heavy Industry has finalised the Automotive Mission plan 2016-26 (AMP 2026) jointly with Indian Automobile Industries after series of consultations with other stakeholders including Government departments including Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways to achieve following objectives.

i. To propel the Indian Automotive industry to become the engine of the “Make in India” programme.

ii. To make the Indian Automotive Industry a significant contributor to the “Skill India” programme.

iii. Promote safe, efficient and comfortable mobility for every person in the country, with an eye on environmental protection and affordability through both public and personal transport options.

iv. To seek increase net exports of the Indian Automotive industry several fold.

v. Promote comprehensive and stable policy dispensation for all regulations impacting the industry.

AMP 2026 seeks to define the path of evolution of the automotive ecosystem in India including specific regulations and policies that govern research, design, technology, testing, manufacturing, imports/exports, sales, use, repair, and recycling of automotive vehicles, components and services.

This includes new technologies like electric vehicles and associated infrastructure and new fuel efficiency regulations as well.