AYUSH Ministry’s webinar on Nidra and Yoga highlights the role of sleep in promoting good health

“NIDRA- A webinar on Yoga and Sleep” hosted by the Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN), an Autonomous Body under the Ministry of AYUSH succeeded in focussing attention on a critical, but often neglected factor of health, namely, sleep.  The webinar was held on 7th January 2021.  The webinar was attended by sleep specialists which included Neurologists, Psychiatrists, Clinicians, Researchers, and Yoga & Naturopathy physicians. In the scientific session, experts discussed a variety of topics related to sleep, its importance and the benefits of Yoga Nidra.

Among the many experts who took part in the webinar, Dr HN Mallick, former Professor, AIIMS, New Delhi spoke about the Importance of sleep and biological rhythm, physiology of sleep and factors that influence the circadian rhythm. Explained in detail various aspects of Obstructive Sleep apnea and its effects on health, Dr Ravi Gupta, Additional Professor, Department of Psychiatry & Division of Sleep Medicine, AIIMS, Rishikesh emphasized on strategies that can help in improving obstructive sleep apnea like reducing weight, breathing exercises, yoga & pranayama along with other treatment modalities. Dr Karuna Datta, Professor, Sports Medicine & Coordinator Department of Medical Education, AFMC Pune also shared her experience with the intervention of Yoga Nidra in insomnia patients.

Shri Vikram Singh, Director, Ministry of AYUSH added a common man’s perspective, and explained a good sleep pattern led to increased productivity in everyday life.  Sleep has become all the more important in the new “normal” conditions post Covid-19 and we all need to pay closer attention to it.

 Highlighting how yoga helps in improving the quality of sleep, Dr Raghavendra Rao, Director, CCRYN spoke about the effect of yoga and sleep modulation in cancer and COVID positive patients. He elaborated on how the breath rate variability was higher in Covid positive patients compared to healthy individuals. After a good discussion and presentations by the experts on various topics, the scientific session with an affirmation on increased scientific studies on various aspects of sleep and the linkage between adequate sleep and good health.  The CCRYN resolved to coordinate research projects on the subject, including special focus on the impart of “Yoga Nidra”.



    Source PIB