BRICS Media Forum Meet Held: Outcomes

The inaugural session of the BRICS Media Forum has been held in the Chinese capital, Beijing (Cai Mingzhao).

The BRICS media forum is the result of a joint initiative by Xinhua News Agency, Brazil’s CMA Group, Russia’s Sputnik News Agency and Radio, The Hindu group of publications from India, and South Africa’s Independent Media.

The theme of the meet was: “Deepening BRICS Media Cooperation, Promoting Fair and Just International Public Opinion”.

During the event, the president of Xinhua News Agency and executive president of the Forum, announced that the news agency will invest $1 million for boosting media cooperation in the five-nation grouping.

The plan will promote six objectives, including “balanced reporting”.

The proposal would also focus on joint development of BRICS digital media, financial information services and promoting people- to-people contacts.

Leaders of 27 organizations attended the meet.

The BRICS Media Forum agreed on an action plan to boost media cooperation. The Action Plan Promoting BRICS Media Cooperation noted that the content, depth and breadth of BRICS media cooperation should be expanded and deepened in accordance to the needs of BRICS nations.

Xinhua will provide 1 million U.S. dollars to establish the BRICS Media Fund for the implementation of the action plan and carrying out pragmatic cooperation, including exchanges of visits, professional training and joint interviews.

Participating organizations agreed to maintain balanced international public opinion and to strengthen the media’s social responsibility.

The participating media agreed to boost people-to-people ties and to expand cooperation fields. There is a need to jointly develop digital media and provide financial information services among BRICS countries.

BRICS media also agreed to explore new channels and new spaces in international communication.