Central Registration Centre of Corporate Affairs Launched

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs has taken the initiative in Government Process Re-engineering (GPR) and launched the Central Registration Centre (CRC), on the occasion of Republic Day 2016.

It has objective of providing speedy incorporation related services within stipulated time frames which are in line with international best practices.

The GPR involves a three pronged approach of further automating some of the approval processes by utilizing advanced software tools & engines, rationalising and modifying some of the rules and engaging professionals to expedite the process of manual scrutiny.

In the first phase, the CRC will process applications for name availability (INC-1 e-forms) submitted on line across the country and endeavour to process these by the end of next working day.

Operations of the CRC will formally commence w.e.f. 27 January 2016 and more services will be rolled out progressively.

The GPR exercise is in pursuance of the ministry’s objective of providing greater “Ease of Doing Business” to corporates and is expected to result in speedier processing of incorporation related applications, uniformity in application of rules, eradicating discretion.

It will also be supplemented by intensive monitoring aimed at providing timely approvals.