Commission for Air Quality Management

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

Today at 4PM, Delhi’s daily average Air Quality Index (AQI) clocked 231 as per the AQI Bulletin furnished by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). In view of significant improvement in the average air quality of Delhi witnessed over the past days and also considering the meteorological/ weather forecasts by IITM/ IMD, the Sub-Committee for operationalization of actions under the Graded Response Action Plan (GRAP) of the Commission for Air Quality Management in NCR & Adjoining Areas (CAQM) met today to review the current air quality scenario in the region and accordingly take an appropriate decision on the preventive/ restrictive actions under Stage-II of GRAP already in place in the entire National Capital Region (NCR) since 21.10.2023. While comprehensively reviewing the overall air quality parameters of Delhi-NCR, the Sub-Committee observed as under:

  • The average AQI of Delhi has considerably improved in last 4-5 days and remained less than 300 15th February, 2024 onwards, and has been recorded as 231 at 4:00 PM on 19th February, 2024, which is about 70 AQI points below the threshold for invoking the GRAP Stage-II actions (Delhi AQI 301-400). The forecast by IMD/ IITM also indicate the average AQI of Delhi to stay in ‘Moderate/Poor’ category with light rain/ drizzle expected in the coming days.

Therefore, keeping in view this trend of improvement in the overall AQI of Delhi and also the forecasts by IMD/ IITM not indicating the average air quality of Delhi moving to ‘Very Poor’ category in the coming days (for which forecast is available), the Sub-Committee for operationalization of actions under GRAP unanimously decided to revoke Stage-II of GRAP in the entire NCR with immediate effect. Actions under Stage-I of GRAP shall however remain invoked and be implemented, monitored and reviewed by all agencies concerned in the entire NCR and agencies shall keep strict vigil and especially intensify measures under Stage-I of GRAP in order to obviate the implementation of Stage-II of GRAP actions owing to AQI level further slipping into ‘Very Poor’ category.

Based on the decision of the CAQM Sub-Committee for operationalization of GRAP, actions under Stage-II of GRAP were in place in the entire NCR since 21.10.2023. The Commission urges all agencies responsible for implementation of various actions listed under Stages–I of GRAP and citizens/ residents to strictly implement and solemnly follow the provisions/ charter of GRAP under Stage-I to obviate the need for re-imposition of Stage-II of GRAP in NCR.

The Sub-Committee shall keep a close watch on the air quality scenario and may take appropriate decisions depending on the air quality, as recorded from time to time, and the forecasts made available by IMD/IITM to this effect. The revised schedule of GRAP can be accessed via the Commission’s official website, i.e.,



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