Committee on Data Protection Framework in India

The Union government has appointed an expert committee, headed by former Supreme Court Judge B.N. Srikrishna, to “identify key data protection issues” in India and recommend methods to address any potential problems.

The committee has been appointed in view of the growing importance of data protection India.

This expert committee will comprise of ten members. Its members include: Ajay Bhushan Pandey, Arghya Sengupta, Aruna Sundararajan, Rajat Moona, Gulshan Rai, Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Rama Vedashree and the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

There have been growing concerns about rising data leaks of sensitive information online, and there is a perceived danger of misuse of Aadhaar.

The theft and sale of stolen data is happening across vast continents where physical boundaries pose no restriction or seem non-existent in this technological era. India being the largest host of outsourced data processing in the world could become the epicentre of cyber crimes this is mainly due absence of the appropriate legislation.