CSIR-CMERI empowering the MSMEs through Technology Infusion

CSIR-CMERI celebrated the National Technology Day- 2021 on 11th May 2021 by interacting with MSME Representatives in a Webinar organised by MSME-DI, Thrissur entitled Oxygen Enrichment Technology & Latest Credit Facilities from SIDBI to MSMEs’and by handing over the Technology of Oxygen Enrichment Unit to two MSMEs i.e. M/s Mech Air Industries, Vadodara, Gujarat and M/s Auto Malleable, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI, while delivering the Chief Speaker Address in the interactive Webinar, shared that CSIR-CMERI has recently organised a series of virtual interactive sessions with various state MSMEs, to maximize the infusion of the Technological Advancements in the products/process and capacitate the MSMEs to lead the economic and social development of the country. Equipping the MSMEs with Technology Know how will facilitate increasing the Quality and Productivity and thereby making them Globally Competitive. MSMEs are the key drivers of Economic Growth Engine, empowering and enabling them through carefully-researched technologies will also help generating employment opportunities. CSIR-CMERI in the last five years has transferred 125 different Technologies to the MSMEs for empowering the sector at large, and setup specialised Manufacturing Hubs to improve the technical capabilities of the National Industry Base and Human Resource Profile. Numerous Skill Development and Awareness Generation programs are being continuously organised by CSIR-CMERI to empower the MSMEs and the humanity at large with CSIR-CMERI Scientific Know-How.

The Oxygen Enrichment Unit developed by CSIR-CMERI is a Decentralised Oxygen Generation solution. The CSIR-CMERI OEU is an in-situ solution, which can assist the Oxygen Generation Capacity of the Nation as whole for various Medical Needs. This technology has already been delivered to nine (9) MSME partners, thereby expanding the Oxygen Generation Base of the Nation and aiming to transform India as a manufacturing powerhouse of OEU. An affordable 50 LPM unit may also be setup for Rural Health facilities with slight modifications. A strengthened MSME Network in India empowered by Technology can help India tackle any unforeseen crisis in the future.

Shri Sandip Shah, CEO, M/s Mech Air Industries, Gujarat, expressed his confidence on the CSIR-CMERI developed Oxygen Enrichment Unit and shared his interest in the other CSIR-CMERI Technologies, to ensure that the MSMEs play a role in bringing forth technologies to the society. He shared that CSIR-CMERI technologies will play a significant role in the ‘Make in India’ ambitions of the Nation. The first units of the Oxygen Enrichment Technology will be rolled out within 15-20 days.

Shri Mahendra Mishra, M/s Auto Malleable, Rajasthan, stated that the major force behind the CSIR-CMERI technology was to reach out to the society and help the fellow citizens. Shri Mishra shared that currently 50 Oxygen Concentrators are being rented out to patients at a meagre rent of Rs 100/day and a Caution Deposit, as a Social Service gesture. In response to the rental proposal of Oxygen Concentrators, Prof. Harish Hirani urged for kind usage of N95 Face Masks along with Nasal Canula attachment of Oxygen Concentrators. This will help reduce the spread/transmission of the Viral Load in the nearby radius, especially in Isolation Wards/Quarantine Spaces. Further, Prof. Hirani also requested to appropriately dispose-off Nasal Canula after usage of the same by an individual.

Shri GS Prakash, Jt. Director, MSME-DI, Thrissur, stated that Oxygen Capacity today is inadequate as per the current demands. More than Oxygen Generation, the major issue faced is Oxygen Transportation and Storage Capacities. CSIR-CMERI has come up with a very timely technology to address the requirements through the Oxygen Enrichment Technology. Since, the Industries have had to surrender their Oxygen, prolonged denial of this essential component will pose a huge challenge to the MSMEs. The MSME- Technology Centre and the MSME parks can also be roped in for providing adequate Manufacturing Infrastructure for the MSMEs to kick-start manufacturing of this very crucial technology.

Shri Kiran Kumar R, a representative of the Kozhikode Industry Forum, shared that in a short span of time Kerala slumped from being an Oxygen Surplus State to an Oxygen Deficient. Owing to the surrendering of Industrial Oxygen, the Industry Clusters need to collectively come together to create Captive Oxygen Production Units, to keep the Industries moving in the times of this Health Emergency. For this purpose, Prof. Harish Hirani was requested to kindly provide assistance in terms of Technological Requisites for creating Captive Oxygen Generation Plants. Prof. Hirani shared that CSIR-CMERI can either provide joint assistance in the form Technical Services, whereby the Industries need to physically set-up facilities based upon CSIR-CMERI’s Technology Inputs.

Shri Joseph J Tharun, Manager, SIDBI, Kochi, shared the SHWAS and AROG Financial Assistance Schemes with the MSME Participants. These schemes will provide Capital Assistance up to Rs 2 Crores for Manufacturing Entities dealing with Oxygen-related products and other Counter-COVID products such as PPEs, Oximeters, Ventilators, Permitted Drugs etc.


SS/RP/ (CSIR-CMERI, Durgapur)

    Source PIB