Department of Posts issues clarification regarding newspaper reports of stamp release on gangsters

It has been reported by media that ‘My Stamp’ on alleged criminals Chhota Rajan and Munna Bajrangi have been made by a Post Office in Kanpur. In this regard rules provide that a customer can get ‘My Stamp’ printed of himself, family photograph/photo of friends, relatives etc on occasions like birthdays, retirement, greetings etc. for which customer has to sign a declaration clearly stating that –

“Customer shall not submit any image which may contravene the law or erode any moral values of society or which are against the interest of any third party, country or India Post. In particular, the image shall not contain or imply or suggest any of the following: Anything illegal, offensive, insulting or immoral, Anything dishonest, deceptive or unpatriotic, Any religious or political content”.

In this case, the above conditions have been breached by the customer. In the application form also, no declaration has been given by the customer about the photographs he submitted.

All concerned have been advised to follow the instructions so as to avoid such occurrences in future.



    Source PIB