Designing new Street Vending Carts to cope with the recent challenges due to COVID-19

Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in collaboration with National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, has organised a competition for Covid19 Street Vending Cart Designfor designing a new and cost effective cart models. The NIDs students in Ahmedabad, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Haryana and Madhya Pradeshtook part in it from 22.12.2020 to 05.02.2021.

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad coordinated with other NIDs and conducted a Design Hackathon for designing new carts to cope with the recent challenges emerging due to COVID-19.After selection, it is also proposed to offer these models in mass scale to street vendors.

The Current Status of categories of Challenge conducted by NIDs is given below:


Details of events


Andhra Pradesh



Madhya Pradesh













No. of Teams/ Students participated & fees(if any)

27 Teams participated

19 Teams

(Team of 3 students)

7 Teams

(Team of 3 students)

13 teams registered

6 (Top three teams will be selected)

Design Shortlisted along with categories details

Street Vending Cart for Food Business:


Winner   SVANNA

1st Runner-up


2nd Runner-up

(3 designs)





Street Vending Cart for Fruit/ Vegetables (3)


Winner: MANDI

1st Runner-up: CHARIOT

2nd Runner-up: APNA CART


Street Vending Cart for General Merchandise (1)


1st Runner-up



ShruchiJaiswal, 4th year, TAD
TushaarSonkar, 4th year, CD

JananiSridharan, 4th year, ID

BratadeepSahoo, 3rd year, CD

TejasPawar, 3rd year, ID

Shubham Sawant, 3rd year, ID


Himanshu Sharma, 2nd year, ID

IshikaArora, 2nd year, CD

AshwinMajli, 2nd year, ID

THELA GAADI-A dream cart for the street retail vending entrepreneur

KART BUOY-A fast food cart keeping in mind the current pandemic situation

EXTRA-Innovative multipurpose food cart design

CARTWALK-A cart with a modern form and an innovating stacking and storage system.

To be shortlisted by the Jury panel

To be shortlisted by the Jury panel

Prize Award


INR 40,000/-

1st Runner up

 INR 25000/-

2nd Runner up

INR 15,000

Top 3 teams received INR 21,000 cash prize

15000/- Cash Prize to each of the winning teams.

To be declared

To be declared



The objective of the competition was to design a new and cost-effective solution for a modern vending cart to cope with the recent challenges emerging due to COVID-19. The cart should also provide better business prospects in the post COVID-19 world. Design should also consider issues and opportunities for street vendors so that they can sell better with improved efficiency and pride. It should address the needs of all segments of society.

As Street vendor uses conventional vending carts but, in the post COVID-19 era, the requirements from a cart have evolved in terms of packaging of goods, display, billing, hygiene, foldability, compactness, mobility, accessories like dustbin, seat etc., provision for shade, lighting, power supply etc. Indian Street Vendors are going through a tough phase due to COVID -19 scenario. Loss ofcustomers and demand, restriction of mobility, hygiene issues, and competitive challenges aredominant in the present time. Post COVID-19 time, there are new emerging scenarios in street vending. There lies an opportunity for street vendors to innovate their businesses and attract customersadapting to these changes.These Street carts could become a turning point for product, storage, mobility and branding pointof view.



    Source PIB