DGGI Gurugram arrests one for fraudulently availing input tax credit of Rs 8 crore

The Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) Gurugram Zonal Unit (GZU), Haryana has arrested one Shri Sanjay Goel, resident of New Delhi on charges of illegally availing and passing on input tax credit (ITC)  on goods-less invoices.

On the basis of the investigation conducted till date, that  Shri Sanjay Goel, through his proprietorship concern M/s Redamancy world, showed purchase of lead ingots from non existent concerns using  fraudulent invoices not backed by concomitant supply of goods,  showing fake transporter records. In this way M/s Redamancy world had passed fraudulent ITC of Rs.  8,17,24,829 crore on invoices without accompanying goods to various end users.

The investigation spanned multiple locations in Delhi NCR area and based on documentary evidence and statements recorded, it was ascertained that Sanjay Goel was a key player in the network of fake companies and transporters.

Accordingly, Shri Sanjay Goel was arrested on 08.01.2021 and produced before, Duty MM Delhi, who ordered judicial custody. A total fake ITC of more than Rs 8 crore has been thus passed/availed by the accused.

Further investigations in the matter are under progress.



    Source PIB