Disrespect of National Anthem Made Crime

Insulting the Chinese national anthem would now be a criminal offence. The national anthem is rooted in Chinese revolution. Recognizing China’s anthem is to recognize the Communist Party of China’s accomplishments in the revolution.

“Those, who maliciously alter the lyrics in public or play and sing the national anthem in a disrespectful way, can be detained for up to 15 days by public security departments and if the behavior constituted a crime, they will have to face criminal charges,” according to the draft.

China encourages citizens to play or sing the national anthem at proper events, to express their patriotism.

The song will only be allowed at formal political gatherings, such as the opening and closing of the NPC sessions, constitutional oath ceremonies and flag raising ceremonies.

Students in primary and high schools will have to learn the national anthem, as the draft proposes to include the anthem into their texts books.

The law bans its use as background music and in advertisements, rules out playing it at funerals and on other “inappropriate occasions” and prescribes administrative detention for any “distorted” or “mocking” renditions.

Those attending public events must stand to attention and sing in a solemn manner when the anthem is played.

The new law brings treatment of the anthem into line with desecration of China’s national flag, or its emblem, which has been a criminal offence punishable by up to 15 days’ detention since the 1990s. Those laws also apply in Hong Kong and Macau.