English rendering of the Press Statement by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi at the Joint Press Briefing with the President of USA

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

  Your Excellency, President Biden; delegates from both the Nations; media friends!


First of all, let me thank President Biden for his amicable words and positive thoughts on India-US relations.


This day holds a special significance in the history of India-US relations. Our discussions today, and the important decisions taken, have opened a new chapter and given a new direction and a new zeal to our Comprehensive Global Strategic Partnership.


The India-US trade and investment partnership is important not only for the two countries, but also for the global economy. Today America is India’s biggest trade partner. We have decided to end the pending issues related to trade and make a fresh start. ICET, i.e. Initiative for Critical and Emerging Technologies, has emerged as an important framework for our technical cooperation. By expanding our cooperation in areas such as artificial intelligence, semiconductors, space, quantum, and telecom, we are building a robust and futuristic partnership. The decision of American companies like Micron, Google and Applied Materials to invest in India is a symbol of this futuristic partnership.

During this visit, I have also had the opportunity to meet some of the other CEOs from the US. I also sensed enthusiasm and a positive attitude towards India during my interaction with them. Both of us agree that it is very crucial for the governments, businesses and academic institutions to come together to make our strategic technology partnership meaningful. We have taken several important initiatives to implement the shared vision of India and America in Clean Energy Transition. This includes areas such as green hydrogen, wind energy, battery storage and carbon capture.

We also decided that amidst global uncertainties, India and the US, as trusted partners, will create reliable, secure and resilient global supply chains and value chains. The close defence cooperation between India and the United States is a symbol of our mutual trust and shared strategic priorities. Leaving behind the old buyer-seller relationship, today we have moved towards transfer of technology, co-development and co-production. The decision by General Electric to manufacture engines through technology transfer in India is a landmark agreement. This will also open up new employment opportunities in both the countries. This will give a new shape to our defence cooperation in the times to come. Defence industries and start-ups of both countries are important partners in this cooperation. Linking them together is the main objective of our Defence Industrial Roadmap. We have deep and years-old cooperation in space science and technology. Today we have taken a quantum leap in our Space Cooperation by deciding to enter into the “Artemis Accords”. In short, for the India-US partnership, even sky is not the limit.


The most important pillar of our relations is our people-to-people ties. More than 40 lakh people of Indian origin are contributing significantly to the progress of America today. The presence of Indians in such large numbers at the White House this morning is testimony to the fact that Indian Americans are the driving force of our relationship. We welcome the decision by the US to open Consulates in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad to further deepen these ties. Similarly, a new Consulate of India will be opened in Seattle.


In today’s meeting, we discussed several regional and global issues. Peace and security in the Indo-Pacific is our shared priority. We both agree that the development and success of this region is important for the whole world. Together with the Quad partners, we have shared ideas on increasing our coordination with all the countries of the region. India and America are walking shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terrorism and radicalism. We agree that concerted action is necessary to end cross-border terrorism. Countries in the Global South have been particularly hard hit by the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine. We are of the opinion that it is essential for all countries to unite to solve these problems. Since the beginning of the developments in Ukraine, India has insisted on resolving this dispute through dialogue and diplomacy. We are fully prepared to make every possible contribution to the restoration of peace. Under India’s Presidency of G20, we are emphasizing on ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ and giving voice to the priorities of the Global South. I thank President Biden for his support of my proposal to make the African Union a full member of the G20.


The basic mantra of all our concerted efforts is to strengthen democracy and democratic values and systems. The two largest democracies of the world – India and America – together can contribute significantly to world peace, stability and prosperity. I am sure that on the basis of these values, we will be able to fulfil the expectations and aspirations of not only the people of both the countries, but of the whole world.

President Biden,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for today’s fruitful discussions. The whole of India is looking forward to welcoming you to India during the G20 Summit this year, even me personally. And as the President said, I have to go and address the Congress later on and therefore, without taking much time, I end my speech. I once again thank the President.



Source PIB