Ex-Yudh Abhyas 2015

The India-US Combined Military Training Exercise YUDH ABHYAS 2015 held from 09 to 23 Sep 2015 at Joint Base Lewis McChord, USA.

The exercise brought together troops of an Infantry sub unit and a Formation Headquarter of Indian Army and similar participation from the US Army for the joint training.

This will be the eleventh exercise in the Yudh Abhyas series, which started in 2004 under US Army Pacific partnership program.

This exercise strengthened and broadened interoperability and cooperation between both the Armies and complement a number of other exchanges between the two forces.

Over the years, the two countries have decided to progressively increase the scope and content of the combined training.

Exercise YUDH ABHYAS 2015 witnessed a Formation Headquarter based Command Post Exercise, an Infantry sub unit carrying out Field Training Exercise, Expert Academic Discussions on strategic issues of mutual concern by experts of both countries and Combined Training between detachments of Infantry of both armies.

The exercise provided an ideal platform for the personnel of the two countries to share their experiences on Military Operations in Urban Terrain, under the UN mandate.