Expert Group on Debt Waiver for Farmers

Punjab government has set up an expert group to assess the quantum of agricultural debt which will suggest ways and means for debt waiver as it was promised in the poll manifesto.

Former Chairman of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices Dr. T. Haque has been appointed Chairman of the Group, which has been tasked with submitting its report within 60 days.

The two other members of the Group are Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi, Director – South Asia, International Food Policy Research Institute, South Asia Regional Office and Dr. B.S. Dhillon, Vice Chancellor, Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana.

Besides assessing the total amount of credit including institutional and non-institutional credit availed by different categories of farmers, the Group will assess the quantum of bad loans or debt and suggest the methodology for remission of debt. It will also suggest ways and means to raise resources for the debt waiver.