Export of guavas sees a surge; records growth of 260% since 2013

The export of guavas from India sees a growth of 260% since 2013. Exports grow from USD 0.58 Million in April-January 2013-14 to USD 2.09 Million in April 2021-22. 

India’s export of fresh fruits has also witnessed considerable growth. Fresh Grapes is the largest exported items among all fresh food category. During 2020-21, the export value of Fresh Grapes was USD 314 million. Export of other Fresh Fruits stood at USD 302 million, Fresh Mangoes at USD 36 million and Others (Betel Leaves & Nuts) at USD 19 million. During 2020-21, Fresh grapes and Other Fresh Fruits accounted for 92 per cent in India’s total export of Fresh Fruits. 

India’s major exporting destination of fresh fruits during 2020-21 were Bangladesh (USD126.6 million), Netherland (USD 117.56 million), UAE (USD 100.68 million), UK (USD44.37million), Nepal (USD33.15million), Iran (USD32.54million), Russia (USD32.32million), Saudi Arabia (USD24.79million), Oman (USD22.31million) and Qatar (USD16.58million). Top ten countries accounted for 82 per cent in India’s export of fresh fruits in 2020-21. 

The export of curd (yogurt) and paneer (Indian cottage cheese) has also seen a tremendous growth of 200% from USD 10 Million in April – January 2013-14 to USD 30 Million in April-January 2021022

It may be noted that dairy export is growing at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.5 per cent in the last five years.  In 2021-22(April-November), India exported USD 181.75 million worth of dairy products and in the current financial year, it is set to surpass the previous year’s export value.

India’s major exporting destination of dairy products in 2020-21 were UAE (USD39.34 million), Bangladesh (USD24.13 million), U S A (USD22.8 million), Bhutan (USD22.52million), Singapore (USD15.27million), Saudi Arabia (USD11.47million), Malaysia (USD8.67million), Qatar (USD8.49million), Oman(USD7.46million) and Indonesia (USD1.06million).  Top ten countries accounted for more than 61 per cent share in India’s dairy export in 2020-21.



    Source PIB