Extension of 2007 Nuclear Agreement with Pakstan

In accordance with Article 8 of the Agreement between India and Pakistan on Reducing the Risk of Accidents Relating to Nuclear Weapons, both countries have agreed to extend the Agreement for a further period of five years.

The existing validity was up to 20 February 2017.

As per the agreement, the two sides have committed to notifying each other immediately in the event of any accident relating to nuclear weapons, which could create the risk of a radioactive fallout.

The two countries signed the agreement in Feb. 2007 to rule out risks related to nuclear accidents.

The agreement forms a part of the nuclear confidence-building measures agreed to by the two countries and is aimed at promoting stability and security.

Both India and Pakistan have so far refused to become a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), but aspire to the membership of a 48-nation international nuclear trade cartel dedicated to curbing nuclear arms proliferation by controlling the export and re-transfer of materials that can foster nuclear weapons development.

As a precondition for entry, the group’s members have to become signatories to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty.