Farrukh Wins Delhi Chess Tournament

A pre-agreed draw, lasting just 14 moves, brought an anti-climactic end to the title-race of the Delhi International Open chess tournament.

Top seed Farrukh Amonatov won the title with an unsurpassable tally of 8.5 points from 10 rounds.

Ghosh and Uzbek Marat Dzhumaev (8 each) finished behind the champion, in that order.

Amanatov received Rs. 4 lakh, Ghosh Rs. 3 lakh, Dzhumaev Rs. 2 lakh and M. Karthikeyan, who topped a six-player pack at 7.5 points, took home Rs. 1 lakh.

M.R. Lalith Babu, the only winner on the top-six boards, finished sixth, behind Swayams Mishra.