Fresh Water Turtles Species in News

Batagur is a genus of large turtles from South and Southeast Asia. All members of the genus are seriously threatened. With a recent merger with members from two other genera, this genus has six described species.

B. affinis – southern river terrapin
B. baska – northern river terrapin
B. borneoensis – painted terrapin (formerly in Callagur)
B. dhongoka – three-striped roofed turtle (formerly in Kachuga)
B. kachuga – red-crowned roofed turtle (formerly in Kachuga)
B. trivittata – Burmese roofed turtle (formerly in Kachuga)

Of six large fresh water turtles of the genus Batagur , three are found in India.

Batagur kachuga (Red-crowned roofed turtle) and Batagur dhongoka (Three-striped roofed turtle) are found in the tributaries of the Ganga, such as Chambal.

The Northern river terrapin is the most endangered of the three species, and their long-term fortunes depend on an ecologically functional colony getting re-established in the wild.