Full List: Ramnath Goenka Journalism Awards

S. NO. Award Category Name Publication Story Year
1 PRAKASH KARDALEY MEMORIAL AWARD FOR CIVIC JOURNALISM (PRINT) Radheshyam Bapu Jadhav The Times of India For his stories from Pune on the garbage mess in the city and on the fast vanishing open spaces. 2011
2 PRAKASH KARDALEY MEMORIAL AWARD FOR CIVIC JOURNALISM (PRINT) Kunal Rajnikant Purohit Hindustan Times For his series of stories related to the BMC land surveys in Mumbai. 2012
3 UNCOVERING INDIA INVISIBLE (PRINT) Anil Padmanabhan & Cordelia Jenkins Mint For their ‘Past Present Future’ series that tracks India’s changings professions– from a spa for dogs to the day in the life of a wedding planner. 2011
4 UNCOVERING INDIA INVISIBLE (PRINT) Neelesh Misra & Manish Mishra Gaon Connection For bringing stories of aspirations and change from rural India. 2012
5 UNCOVERING INDIA INVISIBLE (BROADCAST) Umesh Aggarwal Doordarshan For his incisive report that put prominent journalists in the spotlight, bringing to light the practise of paid news 2011
6 UNCOVERING INDIA INVISIBLE (BROADCAST) Alka Atmaram Dhupkar IBN Lokmat For her gripping report on the absence of regulations protecting the rights of surrogate mothers 2012
7 HINDI (PRINT) Priyanka Dubey Tehelka For putting the spotlight on Bundelkhand where at least 15 girls were burnt alive in just one year. 2011
8 HINDI (PRINT) Brijesh Singh Tehelka For his story capturing the plight of refugees in the Jammu region. 2012
9 HINDI (BROADCAST) No Winner 2011
10 HINDI (BROADCAST) Sharik Rahman Khan NDTV India For his hard hitting reports exploring the politics behind the Muzaffarnagar riots 2012
11 FILM & TELEVISION JOURNALISM (PRINT) Dipti Nagpaul The Indian Express For bringing alive the world of almost-famous ‘extras’– the junior artistes, background models and foreigner ‘actors’. 2011
12 FILM & TELEVISION JOURNALISM (PRINT) Shweta Thakur Nanda The Week For exploring how a growing breed of bare-all celebs is reflecting changing attitudes among women in a changing India. 2012
14 FILM & TELEVISION JOURNALISM (BROADCAST) Yaseer Usman ABP News Complete with archival footage and interviews, his show shared secrets of behind-the-scenes romance between film stars 2012
15 BOOKS (NON-FICTION) (PRINT) Mark Tully For Non Stop India Penguin Books 2011
16 BOOKS (NON-FICTION) (PRINT) Mr. Adrian Levy and Ms.Cathy Scott-Clark For The Meadow Penguin Books 2012
17 REGIONAL LANGUAGES (PRINT) Reji R. Nair Mathrubhumi For her articles on organ donation that showed how there is no coordination in getting organs to those who need them. 2011
18 REGIONAL LANGUAGES (PRINT) Soman T. Mathrubhumi For his six-part series that captures the new face of Kerala with its migrant workers and their stories of exploitation and hope. 2012
19 REGIONAL LANGUAGES (BROADCAST) Siddu Biradar TV 9 His ground report from the famine-struck district of Raichur that led the government to take corrective measures 2011
20 REGIONAL LANGUAGES (BROADCAST) Prajakta R. Dhulap IBN Lokmat If the former news report celebrated the courage of young girls who said no to child marriage in Jalna district of Marathwada, the second exposed the reasons behind the skewed sex ratio in Beed 2012
21 SPORTS JOURNALISM (PRINT) Anand Vasu Sports Illustrated India For his exclusive interview of Rahul Dravid and V V S Laxman where the two talk of their growth in the game and share the secrets of their two-decade old friendship. 2011
22 SPORTS JOURNALISM (PRINT) Shantanu Guha Ray India Today For taking a hard look at what’s ailing Indian cricket after its 0-4 loss to Australia in the 2012 Tests. 2012
23 SPORTS JOURNALISM (BROADCAST) Vinayak Deepak Gaikwad IBN Lokmat For his comprehensive report on the growing popularity of football in traditionally kushti-centric Kolhapur 2011
24 SPORTS JOURNALISM (BROADCAST) Vimal Mohan NDTV India His in-depth back story documented the poor infrastructure that thwart India’s Olympics dreams and the challenges faced by athletes 2012
25 REPORTING FROM J&K AND THE NORTHEAST (PRINT) Lambok Thabah U Nongsain Hima For his series highlighting misappropriation of rice and sugar under the government’s PDS scheme in Meghalaya. 2011
26 REPORTING FROM J&K AND THE NORTHEAST (PRINT) Bashaarat Masood The Indian Express For bringing the story of five grieving families who lost their kin in the Pathribal fake encounter. 2012
27 REPORTING FROM J&K AND THE NORTHEAST (BROADCAST) Sreenivasan Jain NDTV 24X7 For his investigations questioning the role of different players during the siege that plunged Manipur into 100-day economic blockade 2011
28 REPORTING FROM J&K AND THE NORTHEAST (BROADCAST) Maya Mirchandani NDTV 24X7 For her thorough analysis of the clashes in Assam’s Kokrajhar and chronicling the Bodo movement for autonomy 2012
29 ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTING (PRINT) R Samban Deshabhimani For his series on Vellayani Kayal, a freshwater lake in Kerala’s Thiruvananthapuram district, that is facing an imminent death because of encroachments and sand mining. 2011
30 ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTING (PRINT) Vinod Kumar Menon Mid-Day For reporting from Thane district’s parched interiors on its acute water scarcity. 2012
31 ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTING (BROADCAST) Arti Dattatray Kulkarni IBN Lokmat For exposing the threat from the proposed power projects that will dot the peaceful coastline in Konkan 2011
32 ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTING (BROADCAST) Ajay Suri & Asif Khan National Geographic Their film probed the man-animal conflict in Uttarakhand, how leopards and elephants in the hill station are increasingly feeling the heat of urbanisation 2012
33 BUSINESS & ECONOMIC JOURNALISM (PRINT) Dinesh Unnikrishnan Mint For his story on the changing face of microfinance. 2011
34 BUSINESS & ECONOMIC JOURNALISM (PRINT) Nidhi Verma Reuters For her series of stories on Iran’s oil imports to India that were impacted because of US sanctions. 2012
35 BUSINESS & ECONOMIC JOURNALISM (BROADCAST) Karma Paljor CNN-IBN For his comprehensive investigations into the corruption within Air India, that led to its financial collapse 2011
36 BUSINESS & ECONOMIC JOURNALISM (BROADCAST) Manu C. Kumar Manorama News His incisive story unveiling malpractices while importing from China and pressed on the need for tax proficiency 2012
37 FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT COVERING INDIA (PRINT) Stephanie Nolen The Globe and Mail For her sensitive and dispassionate reporting on gender and caste issues in rural India 2011
38 FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT COVERING INDIA (PRINT) Victor John Mallet Financial Times For his report on Narendra Modi titled ‘The man who would be PM’. 2012
39 INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING (PRINT) Surbhi Khyati The Indian Express For her series exposing the corruption in the National Rural Health Mission in UP. 2011
40 INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING (PRINT) Mehul Srivastava, Andrew Macaskill & Adi Narayan Bloomberg News For their story of how malnutrition affects India’s children. 2012
41 INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING (BROADCAST) Jajati Karan CNN-IBN For his compelling exposé of illegal mining in Orissa that shook the state government 2011
42 INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING (BROADCAST) Geeta Datta News X She uncovered the world of illegal testing of experimental drugs on unknowing human subjects 2012
43 ON THE SPOT REPORTING (PRINT) Manu Pubby The Indian Express For his stories from ground zero in Cairo capturing the protests at Tahrir Square, President Hosni Mubarak’s ouster and elections for a ‘new’ Egypt. 2011
44 ON THE SPOT REPORTING (PRINT) Ashutosh Bhardwaj The Indian Express For his poignant stories and hard-hitting exposes from the Naxal heartland. 2012
45 ON THE SPOT REPORTING (BROADCAST) Vishnu Som NDTV 24X7 He was the only Indian journalist to enter the Sendai disaster zone and give ground zero report of the nuclear disaster 2011
46 ON THE SPOT REPORTING (BROADCAST) Arijit Sen CNN-IBN His poignant reports from the heartland of flood-affected Assam revealed the plight of the homeless and exposed the corruption plaguing rescue operations 2012
47 COMMENTARY AND INTERPRETATIVE WRITING Christophe Jaffrelot The Caravan For his incisive writings on some of the most discussed themes of the day, from how India needs to deal with contract-driven diplomacy of the West to the new breed of political sadhus. 2011
48 COMMENTARY AND INTERPRETATIVE WRITING Niranjan Rajadhyaksha Mint For his incisive commentary on India’s economy. 2012
49 REPORTING ON POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT (PRINT) Vinod K Jose The Caravan For his gripping account of Karunanidhi’s changing fortunes and for tracking Manmohan Singh’s waning influence. 2011
50 REPORTING ON POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT (PRINT) Muzamil Jaleel The Indian Express For his story on how in the branding of people as SIMI activists, innocuous objects take the form of “incriminating material”. 2012
51 REPORTING ON POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT (BROADCAST) Smitha Nair CNN-IBN For her vivid profile of the average Kerala Muslim and views of mainstream political players and radical elements in Kerala 2011
52 REPORTING ON POLITICS AND GOVERNMENT (BROADCAST) Marya Shakil CNN-IBN Her extensive tour across Uttar Pradesh disclosed the mindset of Muslims yearning to be part of the mainstream 2012
56 JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR 2012 Sreenivasan Jain NDTV 24X7