‘Hall of Nuclear Power’ Inaugurated

The Union Minister of Atomic Energy and Space, Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurated the “Hall of Nuclear Power”. This is Northern India’s first permanent exhibition on nuclear power, built in the national capital which is going to be opened to the public at National Science Centre (NSC).

This Hall is North India’s first permanent exhibition on nuclear power built in the national capital. Similar galleries have also been built at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai and Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Science Centre, Chennai. This gallery is dedicated to the nation during the Silver Jubilee year of NSC, Delhi.

The exhibition, titled ‘Hall of Nuclear Power – Atoms Serving the Nation’ is spread over an area of about 700 sq. m., with over 60 permanent exhibits, covering various aspects of nuclear energy, with prime focus on nuclear power plant safety and applications for human welfare, which include nuclear medicine, food irradiation, as well as several other day-to-day applications of nuclear energy.

Scientific information about nuclear power generation, its basics and non-power uses of nuclear and radiation technology has also been showcased at the gallery.

The gallery is replete with the state-of-the-art exhibits, interactive kiosks, virtual tour (of a nuclear power plant in a mini theater), glasses-free 3D displays, touch-screen info panels, as well as quiz and interactive Q&A exhibits for the visitors.

Nuclear experts appear live through pepper ghost holographic projections to answer visitors’ quarries. At the ‘Ask Budhiya’ exhibit, the popular comic figure ‘Budhiya’ – a well-informed common man – addresses misconceptions and myths about nuclear power and radiation.

The gallery has been set up at a cost of Rs. 2.5 crore at NSC, Delhi, a unit of NCSM, the apex organisation engaged in popularisation of science through its science centres spread all over the country, in technical and financial collaboration with NPCIL.