India-Australia MoU in Textiles, Clothing and Fashion

Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the textiles, clothing and fashion sectors between the Ministry of Textiles and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia has been approved by Indian Cabinet recently.

The MoU will facilitate cooperation in relation to matters within the textiles and fashion sectors that may be of mutual interest and benefit to the participants.

The participants will jointly identify appropriate measures to connect the Australian and Indian textile and fashion sectors; promote collaboration and international engagement between those sectors; nurture the skills and talents within those sectors; promote economic opportunities and encourage professional engagement, training, skill development and public exhibition of products derived from these sectors in the two countries.

However, Intellectual Property Rights of either side will stand protected.

The weavers including ancillary workers will be benefited from activities to be taken under MOU.

For overall development of handloom sector, the initiative aims to increase the handloom fabric production by way of establishing market linkages, to encourage innovation in designs and techniques for improvement in design capability, diversification of product lines and value addition, better access to domestic and export markets so that weavers are able to get continuous employment and improve their living standards.


Ministry of Textiles, Government of India is responsible for holistic development of this sector by implementing various innovations in handloom sector. It has been an endeavour of the Ministry to popularize the handloom products among younger generation.

The Australian fashion designers, producing garments using Indian woven and other textiles of Indian for India and Australian market have evinced interest to work with stakeholders in India which includes cooperation with textiles, handloom sector with a view to provide state of art, designing of textiles and handloom products and market them in India as well as international market.

The Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (Government of Australia) had proposed to sign an MOU with Ministry of Textiles in this regard.