India Kenya Cooperation in Housing

The Union Cabinet has given its expost-facto approval for the MoU between India and Kenya on cooperation in the field of National Housing Policy Development and Management (NHPDM).

The MoU was signed on 11th July, 2016 at Nairobi during the visit of the Prime Minister of India.

Under the MoU, both the sides will collaborate on all matters relating to housing and human settlements through various strategies including training of personnel, exchange visits, expos/exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

The cooperation between the two countries will focus on upscaling slum upgradation and prevention initiatives based on the experience and implementation process of each country.

They will collaborate on development and sharing of information on housing and real estate data base including market trends, best practices and investment opportunities.

It will encourage technical cooperation in facilitating access to affordable housing from locally available building materials.

It will also encourage technical cooperation in development of Government/Public employee facilitated housing.

This would be useful to explore ways of a delivery model towards Government employees housing scheme, including creating an enabling environment for participation in the delivery of such intended scheme by private sector players.