India Raises Balochistan Issue at UN

At the 33rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, India raised the issue of Balochistan for the first time before the UN.

India accused Pakistan of widespread human rights violations there as well as in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK).

India said the main reason for disturbances in Kashmir is the cross-border terrorism sponsored by Pakistan that stems from its territorial ambitions over the place that has found concrete expression in repeated armed aggressions.

“Pakistan’s dismal track record is well known and many countries have repeatedly called upon Pakistan to end cross- border infiltration; dismantle the terrorism infrastructure; and stop acting as an epicentre of terrorism,”

– India’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative at the UN in Geneva Ajit Kumar.

Ajit Kumar said that India’s credentials as a peaceful, democratic, pluralistic society that is deeply committed to the welfare of its people are well established and on the contrary, Pakistan is characterised by authoritarianism, absence of democratic norms and widespread human rights violations across the country including Balochistan.