India reports steady trend of higher New Recoveries than New Cases for the 6th successive day

With its focussed strategies and effective people-centric measures, India is reporting exponential increase in recoveries.

New recoveries in India have exceeded the new cases for the last six days. This is a result of focus on testing, tracing, treatment, surveillance and clear messaging, as highlighted by Prime Minister in his review meeting with seven high focus States/UTs yesterday.

87,374 recoveries have been registered in the last 24 hours in the country, while the number of new confirmed cases stands at 86,508. With this, the total number of recoveries are 46.7 lakh (46,74,987). The Recovery Rate has crossed 81.55%.


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As India records more recoveries than the new cases, the gap between Recovered Cases and the Active Cases is continuously widening. The recovered cases (46,74,987) exceed the active cases (9,66,382) by more than 37 lakh. This has also ensured that the active caseload accounts for merely 16.86% of the total positive cases. This has sustained on its steady declining path.


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Following the national lead, 13 States/UTs are also reporting higher number of new recoveries than the new cases.


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Nearly 74% of the New Recovered cases are found in 10 States/UTs. Maharashtra has maintained this lead with 19,476 cases (22.3%) for the sixth consecutive day.




These sustained encouraging results have been made possible with the Centre-led proactive and calibrated strategy of TEST TRACK TREAT which has focussed on ‘Chase the Virus” approach. Early identification through high & aggressive testing, prompt surveillance & tracking combined with high quality medical care through Standard of Care protocol issued by the Centre has aided the high number of recoveries.

There has been sustained focus of the Union and State/UT governments on improved and effective clinical treatment in hospitals, supervised home isolation, use of non-invasive oxygen support, use of steroids, anticoagulants, and improved services of the ambulances for ferrying patients for prompt and timely treatment. Tireless efforts of ASHA workers have ensured effective surveillance and tracking progress of the patients in supervised home isolation

The ‘eSanjeevani’ digital platform has enabled telemedicine services which have been successful in containing the spread of COVID while simultaneously enabling provisions for non-COVID essential healthcare. The Centre has focussed on building the clinical management capacities of the doctors manning the ICUs. The ‘National e-ICU on COVID-19 Management’ exercise conducted by domain experts from AIIMS, New Delhi have substantially helped in this. 20 such sessions with 278 Institutions and Centers of Excellence have been conducted in 28 States/UTs.




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