India Third Largest Economy Soon: Report

According to a report by the UK think tank Centre for Economics Business and Research (CEBR), India could become the world’s third largest economy after 2030.

current affairsAccording to report, it could see France and Italy kicked out of the exclusive G8 group or its membership increased to 10 to accommodate India and Brazil.

Report says, China will overtake the US as the largest economy in the world in 2029 with the US slipping to second place and India close behind at third.

India’s projected GDP in 2030 was USD 10,133 billion, behind America’s USD 32,996 billion and China at the top with a projected GDP of USD 34,338 billion.

However, India will become the largest economy in the Commonwealth in 2019 when its economy overtakes the British economy.

The study also says that India is finally starting to catch up with China and will eventually overtake the Communist-giant in the second half of the century.

Britain will move up to take fourth spot and Brazil will complete the top five.

Europe’s third and fourth largest economies will be replaced by India and Brazil in the G8 over the next 15 years, the report says.

As Brazil and India meet the political criteria for membership of the exclusive G8 club of developed democracies, their ascension could see France and Italy kicked out of the group, or the club expanded to a G10 as more economies join, the report says.

The UK meanwhile is set to become the best performing economy in the western world over the next 15 years, boosted by its leading position in global software and IT sectors.

The CEBR said France’s “dire” economic prospects will see it fall from the world’s 5th to 9th largest economy by 2030.

Italy — currently 8th in the global league table — is also going through tough times.

Since joining the euro in 2000, GDP growth has remained flat, making it the slowest growing economy of any major developed nation.

Europe’s largest economy, Germany, will maintain its position in the world’s leading economies as its declining population receives a welcome boost of a 1.5 million refugees and migrants, according to the analysis.