Indian Police Institute Inaugurated

The Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated the Indian Police Foundation and the Indian Police Institute today. The Indian Police Foundation (IPF) and the Indian Police Institute (IPI) aim at embarking a culture of research and evidence–based policing in India and to avoid subjectivity, personal biases and errors in decision-making.

The Police Foundation and Institute aims to bring together the police professionals, academia and other stake holders including citizens and provide a platform to research, discuss, ideate and seek the answers.

current affairsThe Police Foundation and Institute has been set up and registered as an All India Society under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The Society has two divisions namely (i) The Indian Police Foundation (a think tank) and (ii) The Indian Police Institute (a professional institute for research, knowledge management and training).

The Indian Police Foundation: A think tank to deliberate, ideate, strategize, and lead the advocacy towards realizing the much-needed transformational reforms in the Indian Police. The Foundation comprises of professionals and thought leaders from different disciplines, including the police, civil services, media, legal profession, academia and the civil society who bring along their rich experience, diverse perspectives and insights.

The Foundation will generate the much needed ideas, energy and expertise, strong and influential enough to assist and support the Indian Police to drive a campaign for systemic and transformational reforms, while simultaneously working to create an enabling environment through policy advocacy.

The Indian Police Institute: A research and training institute for police officers for the pursuit of professional excellence and evidence-based policing. The Indian Police Institute will carry out research by jointly involving police officers and academic researchers for better understanding of the issues and challenges that the police face in their daily work. Research, Development and Innovation will not only help in the advancement of knowledge in the domain of contemporary Policing, enabling evidence based decision making and practices in policing, but will also help to develop the Science and craft of policing.

The Institute will make proactive efforts to push available research evidence into practice through teaching, training and outreach, in close partnership with BPR&D, National Police Academy and other Central and State Police Training Institutions. The Foundation and Institute will work for world-class police training infrastructure and training protocols.

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Mr. Prakash Singh, Chairman, the Police Foundation and Institute India and Former DGP Uttar Pradesh & Assam, Mr. N. Ramachandran, President, the Police Foundation and Institute India, also addressed the gathering on the occasion.