Indian Railways is fully committed to lift all domestic Coal


The coal loading for power houses is constantly being ramped up by Indian Railways as per the demand and Indian Railways is fully committed to lift all the domestic coal that is brought to Sidings/ good sheds by the coal companies and Imported coal brought to port by the Power generating companies.

In May-22, the availability of rakes for Power sector had an upsurge with an average of 472 rakes per day. Both Coal Companies & railways have envisaged to jointly ensure per day coal loading of 415 rakes of domestic coal and 30 rakes of imported coal to power sector. In the current month, loading of domestic coal for power house has been average of 409 rakes per day.

There has been an issue of frequent strike in coal bearing areas of Odisha which has impacted coal evacuation especially in Talcher area. However, railways have kept 60 surplus empty rakes at pan-India level to maximise coal loading for power sector.

Various operational efficiency measures have been taken to expedite evacuation of coal rakes.

Coaching trains have been cancelled across India to allow faster movement of coal rakes  & easing out congested sections.

Importance of seamless & timely movement of coal rakes to various power plants has been emphasized.  Detention of coal rakes for each activity at loading/Unloading points and en-route movement are being monitored by divisional team at field level.

Running of Long hauls and convoy rakes in congested routes have been augmented. Additional 100 rakes will be mobilized for coal loading in current financial year which would further improve the rake availability for power sector. Further, to cater to future demand for coal IR has already started the procurement of more than 1, 00,000 wagons which will further improve wagon availability.




Source PIB