Indian Railways participates in the largest Vaccination Drive against COVID 19

Indian Railways participated in the largest vaccination programme against COVID 19.

After the address and inauguration of the largest vaccination drive in history by our Honourable Prime Minister, vaccination programme started today in Northern Railway Central Hospital as a part of national COVID 19 vaccination drive.

Dr Sharad C. Khorwal, MD, NRCH took the first shot of covid vaccine to motivate staff. Similarly, at Jabalpur also, MD took the first shot.

There was a very good response from health care  staff of the hospital including many of senior doctors.

After vaccination all were observed for 30 minutes for any adverse reaction.

It was a very well organised event. Everyone appreciated the arrangement at the vaccination center.

Total 51 health care workers of Northern Railway Central Hospital were vaccinated with Covishield vaccine today. Out of which 28 were males and 23 females.

Also, the vaccination drive started in Jabalpur Railway hospital. 73 doctors and paramedics were vaccinated.

None of the healthcare beneficiaries vaccinated today had any serious adverse events following the immunization.

More such sessions will be conducted for vaccination in NRCH. The next session is planned on Monday, 18th January 2021.



    Source PIB