India’s Largest Municipal Waste Power Plant

IAS Prelims 2023

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation launched India’s largest waste-to-energy plant at Narela-Bawana. The project will use 2,000 metric tonnes of waste every day to generate 24 mega watt of energy.

The plant is expected to provide respite from overflowing landfill sites in Delhi as it will incinerate the waste to generate power. Delhi has four landfill sites, of which three — Bhalswa (North Delhi), Ghazipur (East Delhi) and Okhla (South Delhi) — are overflowing.

The landfill site at Narela-Bawana, which is also hailed as the first “scientifically” engineered landfill in Delhi, is the only one that still has capacity left.

The project, built over 100 acres of land, has been developed on public private partnership model by Ramky Group, a Hyderabad-based waste management company, in collaboration with the North Corporation.

As per the agreement, the electricity generated from the plant will be sold by the concessionaire. However, the company will share 3℅ of the profit with North Corporation.

Delhi has two waste-to-energy plants at Ghazipur and Okhla landfill sites. The Ghazipur plant uses about 2,000 tonnes of garbage and produces 12 megawatt of energy.

Similarly, the Okhla landfill waste-to-energy plant has a capacity to produce 12 megawatt capacity from 1,200 tonnes of garbage.