South Korean President Sacked

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South Korean President Park Geun-Hye was sacked by the country’s top court, as it upheld her impeachment by parliament over a wide-ranging corruption scandal.

The unanimous decision brought months of political turmoil — that saw millions of people take to the streets — to a climax and triggers a new presidential election which is to be held within 60 days.

It also means Park, the country’s first female president, also becomes its first leader to be removed by impeachment.

She is obliged to leave the Blue House and loses her executive immunity from prosecution.

Park, the daughter of a late army-backed dictator, secured the highest vote share of any candidate in the democratic era when she was elected in 2012.

But her aloof style and a series of controversies, coupled with mounting economic and social frustrations, saw her ratings plunge and millions take to the streets to demand her removal.