JNPT Becomes First to Install Radiological Detection System

The Marine Department of the port had initiated installation and commissioning of Radiological Detection Equipments at all the exit gates including the Rail Gates. As per MOS directives, the work was awarded to M/s Electronic Corporation of India (ECIL) in 2012 at a total cost of Rs.23.324 crores.

Twenty-eight Vehicle Monitor Systems have been installed at the Road, Rail, Exit Gates. Out of these 11 are at North Gate Complex, 3 at the South Gate Complex, 7 at Central Gate Complex and 7 at Railway Gates, in addition to the above one Limb monitor, each has been installed at South Gate and NSICT Gate. 10 Isotope Identifier, 10 Portable Radiation Detector and 10 Radiation Monitors which are hand held devices forming part of total system.

With successfully installation and commissioning of the entire Radiological Detection Equipment system, JNP becomes first Major Port in the country to have installed RDE at all road and rail gates.