Kerala High Court Gets 4 Women Judges

For the first time in the judicial history of Kerala, the High Court of Kerala has got four women sitting Judges.

The historical moment was created when Justice V. Shircy was appointed. Other three female sitting Judges her are Justice P.V. Asha, Justice Anu Sivaraman and Justice Mary Joseph.

Justice PV Asha and Justice Anu were appointed from the bar, while Justice Mary Joseph and Justice Shircy were appointed from the bench.

The first female High Court Judge and Supreme Court Judge also belonged to the Kerala state.

First female Judge in Supreme Court of India Justice M. Fathima Beevi , the first woman appointed as a Judge in the Supreme Court was also from Kerala. Not just in India, she was the first Asian woman to become a Supreme Court Judge and the first Muslim woman to be appointed to any higher judiciary.

First female High Court Judge Justice Anna Chandy was the first woman in India to become a High Court Judge. Chandy was appointed as a Munsif in Travancore in 1937, which made her the first woman Judge in India. In 1948, she was raised to the position of district Judge. She became the first female Judge in an Indian High Court when she was appointed to the Kerala High Court in February 1959.