List of Nuclear Reactors and Year of Start

The current installed nuclear power capacity in the country comprises of 21 reactors with a total capacity of 5780 MW.  One more reactor, KKNPP-2 (1000 MW) is presently generating infirm (non-commercial) power and commencement of its commercial operation will take the nuclear installed capacity to 6780 MW.

The details of their location, date of start of commercial operation and capacity are as below:

State Location Units Capacity (MW) Date of Commercial Operation
Maharashtra Tarapur TAPS-1 160 28-Oct-1969
TAPS-2 160 28-Oct-1969
TAPS-3 540 18-Aug-2006
TAPS-4 540 12-Sep-2005
Rajasthan Rawatbhata  RAPS-1* 100 16-Dec-1973
RAPS-2 200 01-Apr-1981
RAPP-3 220 01-Jun-2000
RAPS-4 220 23-Dec-2000
RAPS-5 220 04-Feb-2010
RAPS-6 220 31-Mar-2010
Tamil Nadu Kalpakkam MAPS-1 220 27-Jan-1984
MAPS-2 220 21-Mar-1986
Kudankulam KKNPP-1 1000 31-Dec-2014
KKNPP-2** 1000 **
Uttar Pradesh Narora NAPS-1 220 01-Jan-1991
NAPS-2 220 01-Jul-1992
Gujarat Kakrapar KAPS-1# 220 06-May-1993
KAPS-2# 220 01-Sep-1995
Karnataka Kaiga KGS-1 220 16-Nov-2000
KGS-2 220 16-Mar-2000
KGS-3 220 06-May-2007
KGS-4 220 20-Jan-2011

In the current financial year 2016-17 (upto February 2017), the electricity generation from nuclear power on commercial basis was 34136 Million Units.

In addition, Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project (KKNPP), Unit-2 has generated 2086 Million Units of infirm power (non-commercial) during this period.

Thus, 36223 Million Units of electricity has been generated from nuclear power as against 903694 Million Units from fossil fuel sources (source: CEA), which is about 4% of the energy generated from fossil fuel in the current financial year 2016-17 (up to Feb-2017).