Meet on Elimination of Malaria in South-East Asia

Union Minister of Health attended the High Level Roundtable on “Accelerating the Elimination of Malaria in the South-East Asia Region”.

India has reduced its new malaria cases by one third, and even crossed the malaria mortality targets of 2020.

With nearly ¾ of the share of the regional burden, India’s successes have significantly contributed to the reduction of the burden of malaria for the entire South-East Asia region.

The majority of malaria cases in the country come from the bordering districts, forest and tribal areas, while most of the remaining parts of the country remain malaria free.

Indian Health Minister, J P Nadda launched the book “Addressing the challenge of controlling malaria across international border lines” and unveiled the Regional Action Plan (2017-2030).

The three-day ministerial roundtable on accelerating elimination of malaria in the South-East Asia region is in consonance with the United Nations Assembly Resolution on consolidation and accelerating efforts to control and eliminate malaria.