Mid Day Meal Latest Guidelines

The Central Government has notified the Mid Day Meal Rules, 2015 in September, 2015 under the National Food Security Act, 2013.

These Rules, inter-alia, provide that hot cooked meal provided to children shall be evaluated and certified by the Government Food Research Laboratory or any other laboratory accredited or recognized by law so as to ensure that the meal meets with the prescribed nutritional standards and quality.  The samples are to be collected at least once in a month from randomly selected schools or centralized kitchens for testing by such laboratories.

The Mid Day Meal Guidelines prescribe the following nutritional content and calorie count to achieve the objectives of the Scheme in the mid day meal:

 Items For children of Primary classes For children of Upper Primary classes
A) Nutritional Norms (Per child per day)
Calorie 450 700
Protein 12 gms 20 gms
B) Food Norms (Per child per day)
Food-grains 100 gms 150 gms
Pulses 20 gms 30 gms
Vegetables 50 gms 75 gms
Oil & fat 5 gms 7.5 gms
Salt & condiments As per need As per need