Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare releases Second Advance Estimates of Major Agricultural Crops (Kharif & Rabi Season) for the year 2023-24

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare has released Second Advance Estimates of Major Agricultural Crops (Kharif & Rabi Season) for the year 2023-24. From the last agricultural year, the summer season has been segregated from Rabi season and therefore this year Second Advance Estimate of area, production and yield includes only two seasons i.e. Kharif and Rabi season.

This estimate has been primarily prepared on the basis of information received from State Agricultural Statistics Authorities (SASAs). The data received has been validated and triangulated with information received from Remote Sensing, Weekly Crop Weather Watch Group inputs and other agencies. Further the climatic conditions, previous trends, price movements, mandi arrivals etc. are also considered while preparing the estimates.

The details of production of various crops (Kharif & Rabi only) are given as under:

  • Kharif Foodgrains– 1541.87 LMT/ RabiFoodgrains– 1551.61 LMT
  • Kharif Rice -1114.58 LMT; Rabi Rice – 123.57 LMT
  • Wheat – 1120.19 LMT
  • Kharif Maize – 227.20 LMT; Rabi Maize– 97.50 LMT
  • Kharif Shree Anna– 128.91 LMT; Rabi Shree Anna– 24.88 LMT
  • Tur – 33.39 LMT
  • Gram –121.61 LMT
  • Kharif Oilseeds–228.42 LMT / Rabi Oilseeds– 137.56 LMT
  • Soybean –125.62 LMT
  • Rapeseed & Mustard – 126.96 LMT
  • Sugarcane – 4464.30 LMT
  • Cotton – 323.11 Lakh Bales (170 Kgs. each)
  • Jute – 92.17 Lakh Bales (180 Kgs. each)

The Kharif foodgrain production is estimated at 1541.87 LMT, and Rabi foodgrain production is estimated at 1551.61 LMT.

Kharif Rice production is estimated at 1114.58 LMT as compared to 1105.12 LMT in 2022-23, showing an increase of 9.46 LMT. Production of Rabi Rice is estimated at 123.57 LMT. Production of Wheat is estimated at 1120.19 LMT, which is higher by 14.65 LMT as compared to previous year production of 1105.54 LMT.

Production of Shree Anna (Kharif) is estimated at 128.91 LMT and Shree Anna(Rabi) is estimated at 24.88 LMT. The production of Jowar (Kharif) and Jowar (Rabi) is estimated at 15.46 LMT and 24.88 LMT respectively, which is higher by 0.66 LMT and 1.66 LMT respectively, than the previous year. Further, Production of Nutri/Coarse Cereals (kharif) is estimated at 356.11 LMT and Production of Nutri/Coarse Cereals (Rabi) is estimated at 144.61 LMT.

Production of Tur is estimated at 33.39 LMT which is approximately similar to last year’s production of 33.12 LMT. Further the Tur harvesting is still progressing, which may result further changes in successive estimates. Production of Gram is estimated at 121.61 LMT which is marginally lower from previous year’s gram production but higher than the average (2018-19 to 2022-23) Gram production. The production of Lentil is estimated at 16.36 LMT which is higher by 0.77 LMT than the previous year’s production of 15.59 LMT

The production of Soybean is estimated at 125.62 LMT and production of Rapeseed & Mustard is estimated at 126.96 LMT which is approximately similar to last year’s production however higher by 20.57 LMT from average production. The production of Cotton is estimated at 323.11 Lakh Bales (of 170 Kg each) and production of Sugarcane is estimated at 4464.30 LMT.   

While preparing the kharif crop production estimates the Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs) based yield has been considered. However, States are still under the process of compiling results of Kharif CCEs. Further, CCEs of few crops viz., Tur, Sugarcane, Castor etc. are still ongoing. The Rabi crop production is based on preliminary area sown report and the average yield. Therefore, these figures are subject to change in the successive estimates on the receipt of better yield estimates based on CCEs. The production of various Summer crops will be included in the forthcoming third advance estimates.

The details of Second Advance Estimate 2023-24 along with previous estimates are available on .




Source PIB