Ministry of Ayush gave impetus to special campaign 3.0 through decluttering of workspace and ending up pending references

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

The Ministry of Ayush has moved ahead one more step toward success with the achievements of Special Campaign 3.0, in cleaning up and enhancing of work area. As part of its preparations, the Ministry of Ayush identified the following pendencies for the nationwide Special Campaign 3.0, which began on October 2, 2023, with references from MPs 30, Parliamentary Assurance 17, State Government 3, Public Grievances 75, PMO references 3, Public grievance appeals 24, Management of files 305, and Cleanliness campaign 20. As on, October 27, 2023, out of 576 files due for review, all 576 have been reviewed and 161 files were weeded out. 13 references from MPs and 8 Parliamentary Assurance have been cleared. All 3 State References, 75 public grievances, 3 PMO references, and 24 Public grievance appeals have been liquidated by the ministry. Ministry achieved 100% target by organising 20 cleanliness campaigns.

It was targeted to upgrade our working environment and the experience of the workplace along with achieving the goals of reference disposals. During the campaign, special emphasis is being given to de-cluttering of spaces and cleanliness inside the ministry’s workplaces. These efforts have been geared toward improving the work environment and productivity of employees.

As part of Swachhata Hi Seva Pakhwada, the Ministry of Ayush’s Swachhata pledge to all its officials, emphasizes the importance of a clean and waste-free India. Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, Secretary, Ministry of Ayush reviewed and asked all senior officials to try their best to achieve the target during the campaign period. Daily progress is monitored by a dedicated team. Institutes, organizations, and councils have cleaned their campuses, public places such as bus stations, parks, herbal gardens, and even lakes and ponds. Senior officials and The Ayush fraternity cleaned Ayush Bhawan and the surrounding area as part of the effort. Like the Swacchata campaign, the Ayush Ministry has also asked various States/UTs, research councils, national institutes, parastatals, and other statutory bodies to monitor related activities. It needs to be noted here that previous efforts to resolve pending cases have yielded notable results and the Department is in a position to improve its overall ranking.

The special campaign will continue until October 31, with an unwavering commitment to improving the work experience, promoting cleanliness, and achieving its stated goals.






Source PIB