Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs undertakes Special Campaign 2.0 to institutionalize ‘Swachhta’ as an integral part of our life

azadi ka amrit mahotsav

Special Campaign 2.0 is being undertaken in the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs during the month of October, 2022 in line with the campaign being undertaken in a big way across the country in all Ministries / Departments.  The campaign this year seeks to build upon the impressive results which were achieved last year under Special Campaign 1.0 carried out during October, 2021.  It started with the preparatory phase from 14th to 30th September, 2022 in which clear targets were set for the campaign period.  The focus this year has been on field offices and on attached offices / subordinate offices.

After the identification during the preparatory phase, important areas of focus that emerged were pending disposals of public grievances (335 Nos.), references from MPs (72 Nos.), public grievance appeals (94 Nos.) besides review of 12,670 physical files and 207 e-files.

Cleanliness campaign across all offices across the country is the most important part of the campaign.  It is another step forward to institutionalize ‘Swachhta’ as an integral part of our life and make it a truly ‘Jan Andolan’.  Around 300 offices across the country are enthusiastically participating in the Swachhta Campaign.  As of 19th October, 2022, the disposal of pending matters is proceeding with full steam and the Ministry is all set to achieve its targets.  One of the offices under the Ministry, Department of Publications, Civil Lines, New Delhi, has been covered by the Doordarshan team as a part of its coverage of various offices across the country.  The Ministry has been regularly publicizing its activities on the social media.

As a part of the special campaign, the Ministry had facilitated the tie-up of various offices across the country with Self Help Groups (SHGs) in different States / Union Territories.  Under the arrangement, the SHGs are offered space for kiosk in respective offices where they can collect various office waste for recycling.  This is intended to promote ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ (3Rs) as a part of Swachhta Campaign.

            In Nirman Bhawan, the Ministry has set up a kiosk by Jivika Self Help Group . The experiment has turned out to be a resounding success with the SHG reporting brisk sales of products made of waste paper.  The experiment has also popularized Madhubani Paintings (carved on the products made by SHG) in its own small way.



Source PIB