Ministry of Women and Child Development launches web based portal to facilitate submission of applications, identification of children eligible to receive support under the 'PM CARES for Children' scheme

Ministry of Women and Child Development has launched the web based portal to facilitate submission of applications, identification of children eligible to receive support under the ‘PM CARES for Children’ scheme and processing of applications for securing benefits to them. The module on Child registration and identification of beneficiaries has been made functional. The portal shall be regularly updated with necessary information and modules.

 ‘PM CARES for Children’ schemewas announced by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi for supporting children who have lost both parents or surviving parent or legal guardian or adoptive parents due to COVID-19 pandemic. The scheme aims to ensure comprehensive care and protection of children who have lost their parents to COVID pandemic, in a sustained manner. It enables their wellbeing through health insurance, empower them through education and equip them for self-sufficient existence with financial support of Rs. 10 lakh, on reaching 23 years of age.

A presentation on the portal was made to the ACS/Principal  Secretary/Secretaries of the Department of Women and Child Development/ Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of all States and UTS on 15.07.21. Login ID and passwords of District Magistrates, District Child Protection Units and Child Welfare Officers have also been shared with the Departments of Women and Child Development/ Department of Social Justice and Empowerment (as the case may be) with the request to forward the same to concerned Officials.

Ministry of Women and Child Development has asked  the Chief Secretaries of all States/Administrators of all Union Territories in a letter dated 22nd July, 2021, to direct the District Magistrates in their States to identify the children eligible for receiving support under the ‘PM CARES for Children’ scheme and populate the portal with the details of eligible children, to enable prompt assistance to them. They have also been advised to takesteps for registration of children, which are given at Annexure. This task needs to be completed within next 15 days. A dedicated Help desk has been set up for the purpose which is accessible by Telephone at 011-23388074 or by email

     Ministry has also requested  the State Chief Secretaries/Administrators of UTs to personally monitor the progress of data entry in the portal.


Identification of Children eligible for support under the PM CARES for Children



All children who have lost

  1. Both parents or
  2. Surviving parent or
  3. legal guardian/adoptive parents due to COVID 19 pandemic, starting from 11.03.2020 till the end of pandemic, shall be entitled to benefits under this scheme.


      1. The District Magistrate to conduct a drive for identification of these children, with the assistance of Police, DCPU, Childline & Civil society Organisations.
      2. Gram Panchayats, Anganwadi & ASHA network may be sensitized to report such children to the CWC.
      3. Sufficient publicity about the identification drive may be made in local language, to inform general public in this regard and to encourage them to produce such children before CWC or report their whereabouts through Childline (1098) or DCPU.
      4. Children who have lost both the parents to COVID, requiring support under the scheme, may be produced before CWC by Childline (1098), District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) or any other agency or individual, within 24 hours of noticing the Child, excluding journey time.
      5. Applicationform for seeking support under the scheme, may be filled up by the child or caregiver or any other agency producing child before CWC
      6. CWC with the help of DCPU shall gather the facts regarding the Child who has lost both parents, including details of deceased parents, home address, school, contact details, credentials and annual income of extended family members, relatives or kith and kin. CWC shall verify the cause of death of the parents by way of their death certificate or by field enquiry. The information may be uploaded by the CWC on PM CARES for children portal, while submitting it for DM’s consideration.
      7. CWC may upload details of all children produced or reported to them by other agencies on the portal.
      8. After ascertaining the facts of each case, CWC may make its recommendations to the DM regarding the child,
      9. In case the CWC does not recommend a particular child, reasons should be recorded in the given space, for DM to take a view.
      10. Principle of ‘First in First out’ may be followed while processing the applications.
      11. DM may accept the recommendations of CWC or seek a review through CWC or DCPU. DM may make an independent assessment about every child recommended or not recommended by the CWC. The DM may be assisted by the Child Protection staff, Police, Childline or any other agency deemed fit for the purpose.
      12. After satisfying herself, DM may confirm the eligibility of the Child on the portal for the scheme. Decision taken by DM regarding the eligibility of a child under the scheme shall be final.





    Source PIB