National Career Service Project

The Employment Exchanges are managed by the State Governments while the Central Government lays down policies and guidelines.

The Ministry is implementing the National Career Service (NCS) Project, in the 12th Five Year Plan, for transformation of the National Employment Service to provide a variety of employment related services like job matching, career counselling, vocational guidance, information on skill development courses, etc.

These services are available online on the National Career Service Portal ( and supported by Call Centre/Helpdesk.

The services under NCS are accessible from multiple delivery channels like NCS Portal, Employment Exchanges (Career Centres), Common Service Centre etc.

The project also includes establishment of 100 Model Career Centres in employment exchanges and institutions of repute.

The Model Career Centres provides variety of employment related services using technology.

The NCS Project has also been enhanced to interlink all employment exchanges with the NCS Portal so that services can be delivered online.

The scheme provides for part funding to States for IT upgradation and minor refurbishing of Employment Exchanges and for organising job fairs.

The National Institute of Career Service has been conducting capacity building programme for Employment Exchange Officers for usage of National Career Service Portal and its various features.