National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research observes World Ocean Day

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Goa| June 8, 2023

The National Centre for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR), under the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences, organized a beach cleanliness drive at Baina beach in South Goa today to celebrate World Ocean Day. This event aimed to raise awareness about the urgent need for ocean conservation.
Dr. Anil Kumar, a distinguished scientist from the NCPOR, shared insightful comments on this momentous occasion. Highlighting the crucial role of oceans in maintaining global climate balance, Dr. Kumar emphasized the imperative of protecting our oceans due to their immense heat-absorbing capacity. With the capability to absorb heat 50 times greater than the atmosphere, the oceans play a vital role in regulating climate patterns. However, the ocean’s capacity is currently being surpassed, resulting in the transfer of excess heat back to the atmosphere and consequently affecting human lives.
Additionally, Dr. Kumar shed light on the detrimental effects of greenhouse gas emissions, with carbon monoxide being the primary culprit. These gases are primarily released through the usage of motor vehicles and combustion processes. The resulting layer of greenhouse gases prevents longwave radiation from escaping back into space, leading to a greenhouse effect. As a consequence, excess heat and carbon dioxide are absorbed by the oceans, primarily in the polar regions due to their lower temperatures. Once saturation levels are reached, this absorbed heat and carbon dioxide are released back into the atmosphere through oceanic circulation, contributing to atmospheric warming and exacerbating global climate change.
The NCPOR focuses its research efforts on studying the Antarctic and Arctic regions, where accelerated melting of glaciers and ice shelves has resulted in significant meltwater discharge into the oceans. This, coupled with thermal expansion in tropical regions, has led to rising sea levels—a grave concern for the global ocean system. Dr. Kumar emphasized the responsibility of each individual in curbing pollution and mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change. He urged one and all to make a difference by adopting sustainable practices, such as reducing vehicular usage and embracing public transportation. The beach cleanup was also participated by College and School students from surrounding areas at Vasco. 
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