National Filaria Control Programme

National Filaria Control Programme (NFCP), Launched in 1955 has operational, training and research components. The strategies include:
a) Vector Control
b) Detection and treatment of filarial cases
c) Delimitation of endemic areas.

The programme has been integrated as ‘Elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis (ELF) Programme’ under the National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme (NVBDCP).

Under National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme (NVBDCP), funds are integrated for all the vector borne diseases including ELF and released to States/Union Territories for prevention, control and elimination of these diseases.

National Health Policy (2002) has laid down the goal for elimination of Lymphatic Filariasis by 2015, which has now been revised to 2017, though global goal is 2020. The strategy includes:
• Annual Mass Drug Administration (MDA) of single dose of DEC (Diethylcarbamazine citrate) and Albendazole for 5 years or more to the eligible population (except pregnant women, children below 2 years of age and seriously ill persons) to interrupt transmission of the disease.
• Home based management of lymphoedema cases and up-scaling of hydrocele operations in identified Community Health Centres (CHCs)/ District hospitals /medical colleges.