National Highways Under Green Highways Scheme

The National Highways Authority of India has initiated tree plantations along 1,513 km length of National Highways in ten states in 2016.

This includes 390 Km of National Highways in Andhra Pradesh, 133 Km in Assam, 418 Km in Haryana , 100 Km in Jammu & Kashmir, 50 Km in Jharkhand , 82 Km in Madhya Pradesh , 87 Km in Maharashtra , 77 Km in Orissa , 26 Km in Rajasthan and 150 Km in Telengana –length.

Under the Green Highways Scheme, tree plantations along National Highways are part of all highway development projects.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is actively promoting greening of highway corridors with the participation of the community, farmers, private sector, NGOs and government institutions/departments.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Government of India has promulgated Green Highways (Plantations, Transplantations, Beautification and Maintenance) Policy – 2015 to develop green corridors along National Highways for sustainable environment and inclusive growth.

The policy envisions development of eco-friendly National Highways with participation of the communities, farmers, NGOs, private sector, institutions, government agencies and the Forest Departments for economic growth and development in a sustainable manner.